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This will be info about the Modern Rhymes project. And this will be info about me, the writer and filmmaker, Harriette Yahr — — and all my relevant higher learning degrees and detailed bio, with enough accolades and good-nature to inspire you to help fund my next endeavor, the next film phase of the Modern Rhymes project, which will be as much of a success as the other one you see here with any luck and good karma and your help.

DIWO – Do It With Others. What do you say?

This will be info about Baker’s Men, my first Modern Rhymes film — which the Sundance Channel termed “An Amusing Lesson in Gender Studies 101″ and IndieWire called “Refreshing Clever.” I’ll list all press and awards and other worthy relevant stuff that makes you want to turn the page and keep on reading…. you are getting inspired… not sleepy…. inspired… (more coming, this website is in progress)…

(Okay, it’s not fair to tease… so here’s a tease: interview with Yahr and brief clip of Baker’s Men from a Gen Art Miami screening on the WATCH page).

Soon you will be able to watch Baker’s Men*, the first Modern Rhymes short. For now, here’s a press clip of Harriette Yahr talking about it – “Harriette Yahr NUS Inteview for Gen Art screening of Baker’s Men” — (*And you can go to STORE to purchase Baker’s Men for viewing on large screens in all its 35mm glory.)


You will be able to read the script of my new film. You will see it has terrific value. You will see I have a complete vision. And, I hope you will find it refreshing, clever, and worth your $20.00 to $20,000. (Yes, we’ll take 20 bucks, every dollar is appreciated.)

Meanwhile… for your reading pleasure…

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The action page. Here will be options for contributing resources to the making of this next film. Perhaps you have grip gear, or time to donate, or perhaps money which we need to proceed (we like that best as we have a lot of gear and crew lined up already). As such, there will be a PayPal link and you will have the option of donating money through Paypal and being credited anonymously OR with your name. I will also have news of a partnership with a DIWO (Do it with Others) Website to help raise money for the film. If you want to come on board as an Executive Producer and donate a chunk-o-change, contact me.

Meanwhile, if you are the type that trusts your instincts, and/or you have seen Baker’s Men — either at festivals, on Sundance Channel, Logo, or through the DVDs from Spiritual Cinema Circle — and are already a fan and you know you want to support the new Modern Rhymes project, you can contribute right now, right now! Here’s my Paypal link for Modern Rhymes Donations — and questions or concerns, get me at or call 310-712-1293 (though I am in EST/Miami now). Thank you!

I welcome contact and seek it daily. Really, I want to answer any and all questions. I want you to feel confident and inspired. I will also include my Twitter and Facebook… and my latitude and longitude for good measure.

Thank you for watching… More sooner than later…

(For now, you can email at HYahr [AT] or

Support and Get Somethin’ – Great Deal !

Stay on Mailing List – Priceless !

To come…

Meanwhile, want to purchase Baker’s Men now? It comes complete with a reel of Harriette Yahr’s older work, including the experimental film The Horses. They Came. which won a Gold Plaque at Chicago International Film Festival and recently screened at Mad Cat Women’s Film Festival. You can also purchase Baker’s Men through Spiritual Cinema Circle where it is included on a compilation called “Raising Consciousness.” BUT… I do get much more money if you buy it from me here — and this will help fund the next project (The Point of this Site!). On a serious note, I like Baker’s Men viewed on DVD on a bigger screen, it was shot in 35mm and yummy to look at! It’s $25.00 which includes standard shipping. For personal use only, not for exhibition. Educators and Organizations, please pay Classroom use fee. Thank you and I would be happy to send your school/university/organization an invoice.

Buy Baker’s Men

Tell me what you think. Or feel. I’m open…

I’d love to post your comments here to lend support to the project. Any fans of Baker’s Men out there? Please gimme a shout out so I can include you — we’re confident this next romp will be an equal hoot!

Comments Form Will Be HERE.

Meanwhile, here is some press from Baker’s Men. You can click the WATCH tab to see an interview with Yahr from a Gen Art Screening on NUS.

“Hilarious” – IndieWire
“Refreshingly Clever and Fun” – FilmThreat
“A hoot to watch.” – FilmThreat
“One of the ’standout’ shorts” – IndieWire’s coverage of the Cleveland International Film Festival

“Post-feminist gender theory is an unlikely subject for a short film. But when it’s expounded by two five-year-old girls in a playground, the results are hilarious. Harriette Yahr’s “Baker’s Men” is a well-written skewering both of gender theory and the unreal expectations imposed on both men and women and should become a festival favorite. Never has the phrase ‘out of the mouths of babes’ sounded so apposite.” – IndieWire